Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reasons to pre-order a copy of 'The Imperfect Idealist'

Being human, on a planet over-crowded with words, those of us who try the patience of others with our use of them, and all of us who use fossil fuels more quickly than the rate of their natural production are all guilty of the crime of unsustainability.
How then can we live by the dictum "do no harm"?
Some unethical behaviour is gross; some more subtle.

"This book is, oh, so much more than an amusing and poignant social commentary by a sort of failed romantic whose work on was once described by the leading environmental think tank, Forum for the Future, as 'ahead of its time'"

"But aren't you confusing the themes of guilt, of justice, of sharing resources equitably?"
I reply: "These themes are all one, and the sooner we integrate at a level of greater generosity and learning how all can be enriched by our conflicts, the better."

I share my journey, written in installments 22 years apart, in order to get some perspective that may be of value to others interested in facing up to a less than spotless past.
    If you've ever been affected by crime, or aggrieved with anyone, this book is particularly telling in the story of years spent putting right such wrongs. (This was well before the TV series 'My Name is Earl' presented a fictional karma-cleansing).
    The work is ongoing that brings new insights and meaning out of facing personal difficulties with encountering "the other".
    My teacher says that the experience of sitting down to write an autobiography is that it brings into relief all the things that you are unwilling to share publically. For me, this is the working ground; what to share of my imperfections in order to become more ethically refined?
    By testing myself in what I am willing to share about my own journey, I hope I offer something useful; that this book is more than just entertaining in an Adrian Mole way. 
  • "This book of disclosure and personal enquiry will open doors between hearts."
  • "If you actually read it, it will inform your choices of what to take and what to leave behind in life."
  • "Why not use this book to prepare to give appropriately next time an imperfect idealist comes knocking on your door?"
The book will be published in 2011 and is available for £20; or £10 if you order the version for Amazon Kindle.
Please place pre-orders via the Mediation Support Ltd contact form.

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