Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"I work as I door-knocker; fund-raising. Near the beginning of this book, I recount a charged encounter with Tony Blair, who had invited me to 10, Downing Street to thank me for my work on behalf of the victims of crime.

Now aged 44, I believe the most useful work that can be undertaken alongside (or possibly outside) a spiritual journey is the work to heal past harms to the extent that's possible. No process of a 'victim' being approached by an 'offender who wants to put things right' is perfect, and so, I continue my quest for the Holy Grail of Restorative Justice."

About the author:
Paul Crosland is, amongst all the other things he doesn't quite handle perfectly, a Charity Trustee, on sabbatical amidst controversy informed by an 'enemy-image' held that Paul is like an anarchist throwing bombs at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Others say Paul is ahead of his time and an innovator most likely to reduce youth offending and youth custody with the developments -including a Restorative Justice iPhone app - being proposed by Restorative Technology Ltd, of which he is CEO and sole director. Paul hopes this book will help generate a team willing to work with him.
The Restorative Technology Ltd vision is both to enable increased understanding between those involved in and affected by crimes and also to encourage responsibility being taken by all who can contribute to generating safer societies.

As if this was 'enough', Paul also tries to:
Words below from Paul's best friend in India, Nagamitra (नगमित्र) धम्म दाना

Nagamitra speaking in Hindi:

Support some students yourself!:
If you want to support one or more students, you can support them:
  • to complete their year at the Nagaloka Nagarjuna Training Institute (which costs £28 per student per month), 
  • to carry on their studies and develop their intitiatives beyond Nagaloka.
If you want to support Nagaloka directly you can: "Dream Cycle")
All money donated goes to India, and I'll even cover bank overheads for you. Please request what % of your money donated through Mediation Support Ltd you want to go directly to the Nagaloka Institute and what % to the support of individual students beyond their time at Nagaloka by naming your preferred student(s):
"I found that I could afford to support 3 students at the Nagarjuna Institute at Nagaloka for the next four months. I'm glad to have been given this opportunity to make a difference enabling three students complete their academic year at Nagaloka. If you wish to support students and avoid bank fees, I will cover the bank fees for the payments"
Paul Crosland, Director, Mediation Support Ltd
If you want to email Paul Crosland at Mediation Support Ltd to discuss making a donation, please do so via this form and I'll phone back any UK numbers or arrange an international call at a mutually convenient time.

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